ATEX Inspection

End users are required to have their diesel & electrical installations inspected periodically. In case the diesel & electrical installations are located in ATEX environments, this inspection must be carried out according ATEX 137 additionally.


New explosion proof installations should be subjected to an initial detailed inspection according to EN60079-17. During this inspection, it is determined whether all equipment is properly selected for the applicable zoning. In addition, by considering the applied types of protection, ATEX markings, device group, temperature class, gas group, cable and cable gland selection, calculations of intrinsically safe circuits, seals and so on are inspected.


Then close and visual inspections should be planned and executed periodically, also according to ATEX 137 and in particular EN60079-17 in order to verify if the ATEX equipment is adequately maintained and there are no faults that could influence the explosion safety.


Mitrex can provide training for your mechanics so they can carry out maintenance and yearly ATEX inspection. Ask for more information about costs and conditions.


For your own safety and convenience we will inform you shortly before the expiration of the certificate.


If you want to make an appointment please contact your dealer to schedule the inspection of the machine.